Giving Opportunites

The members of Temple Beth El aim to “heal the world,” Tikkun Olam. Through the generosity and love of our member families we have helped those in crisis, honored those who are admired, remembered those who are gone. Your donation to one of the funds below will be put to use as specified. All donations are greatly appreciated.


Solomon Acrish Building Fund: Your financial support is needed to maintain our beautiful home. Donations to the Building Fund should be sent to Temple and will be acknowledged as appropriate and listed in the Temple newsletter. Donations will be for improvements to the building, major repairs, and any unforeseen building costs.


General Fund: Donations to the General Fund are always welcome and are used in any way needed to operate the Temple. Donations may be made for any occasion. Donations should be sent to the Temple.


High Holy Day Appeal: It is traditional at the High Holy Days to reflect on one’s good fortune and to thank God for all you have received. It is also traditional to make a donation to your synagogue in appreciation for life’s gifts.


Landscaping Fund: The trees, shrubbery and grass outside enhance our building, but they came at a high cost and any donation to the Landscaping Fund is most welcome. You may make a general donation or select a grouping of trees or one tree to be named for someone. Contact the Temple office for details. You may specify in your donation the Alexa Berman Memorial Garden or the Butterfly Garden (designed and created by Emma McAnaw and friends).


Lester Welsher Scholarship Fund: Lester Welsher loved children and was very involved with our Religious School. Lester Welsher’s wife, Sylvia, and his children set up this fund in his memory to help deserving high school graduates who have served the Temple and plan to continue their education. Checks should be made payable to: Lester Welsher Scholarship Fund.


Memorial Plaque: If a loved one has passed away, you may wish to have the person commemorated on one of our Memorial Plaques. The light will be lit every year on his or her yahrzeit, which provides a certain comfort to those remaining. Contact the Temple office for more information.


Mike Meyer Library Fund: Mike Meyer was a man who loved children and education. The Mike Meyer Library Fund was set up to provide books for the enlightenment of Temple members. The Library has a wonderful selection of materials, which are available to our members to read in the building or borrow. In recent years, the scope of the Fund has been expanded to include purchasing audio-visual equipment as well as videotapes related to Jewish culture.


Music Fund: To cover the cost of new music for use by our Cantorial Soloist and our adult and junior choirs, musical equipment, maintaining the organ, etc., we have established a Music Fund.


The PJ Library: We now offer an exciting opportunity for families to receive Jewish books on a monthly basis at no charge to them. The cost of this program is covered by a grant from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation as well as fund raising within the Temple and larger community.


Prayer Book Fund: Donations to the Prayer Book Fund help us keep an adequate number of prayer books on hand for use at our services. Donations are made in memory of or in honor of someone, in celebration of a special occasion such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a wedding, a graduation, a retirement, etc. A label will be placed in the book indicating who made the donation and the purpose.


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Sometimes people are in financial trouble or need help and contact the Rabbi. Via the Discretionary Fund she is able to provide confidential assistance as she sees fit. Your donation should be made to: Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund and sent to the Rabbi or the Temple Office.


Remembrance Fund: Be the occasion happy or sad, a donation acknowledging your feelings may be made to our Remembrance Fund. Donations are used to purchase items for the Temple such as tables, chairs in the Sanctuary, coffeepots, dishes, etc. An acknowledgment will be sent if appropriate, and the item will be noted in our newsletter, The Menorah. Contact the office for more information or to make a donation.


School Enrichment Fund: This fund was created to cover the cost of special programming for our children, school trips, performers and other enhancements to the educational program.


The Tree of Life: Located in the lobby, our Tree of Life commemorates milestones and special events. Each leaf or stone is personally engraved to your specifications. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, anniversary, birthday, college graduation, birth – any happy event may be celebrated by adding a leaf to the Tree of Life. Contact the Temple office for further information.


Donations will be printed in the Menorah, and donations of $18 or more will be acknowledged as appropriate.