Jewish Education

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Jewish Education


Tikkun Olam – to heal the world – is the theme of our school, and each class collects funds for tzedakah, charity. Students are asked to bring a small donation of their own money earned by helping around the house or performing a good deed. Each class decides where their tzedakah funds will be donated. In addition, our students perform many acts of Gemilut Hasadim, good deeds, within the community.


Judaic Studies

Today, our parents send their children to Religious School to have others teach their children about the history and culture of Judaism and the Hebrew language. Judaic Studies encompass the sum total of what a Jewish person is, what a Jewish person knows, and what a Jewish person believes. We teach the values, ethics, and morality of Judaism. Judaic Studies also include learning about all the Jewish holidays, not just how to celebrate, but why we celebrate. It’s the why that is much more important than the how. Our children enjoy celebrating the holidays, but they also show a thirst for learning about why we celebrate them as well. Click here to learn more about our Jewish Studies Curriculum.


Hebrew Language Studies

Hebrew was the language of the ancient Israelites and is the living language of the modern Israelis. Thousands of years ago, we didn’t have to teach our children Hebrew, they spoke it fluently. Now we have to teach them to pronounce Hebrew consonants and vowels. With only 1.5 hours per week, for 30 weeks per year over 5 years (third through seventh grades), we are able to teach our children how to decode Hebrew, that is, they can pronounce the words. We do teach them what some of the words mean, but we don’t have the luxury of the time to teach conversational Hebrew. They learn how to pronounce the words so they can read from the Torah and can participate in the B’nei Mitzvah service. Click here to learn more about our Hebrew Studies Curriculum.